...in the fog of dusk, a lingering presence can be felt, but never seen...
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phantasmagoria: a fantastic, rapidly changing series of things, actually seen or imagined. or, a group blog for a bunch of crazy people!

in the dusk
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with our feelings
allison is The wonderful and mysterious Arasan feeling is
amy is Amy is feeling
ashley is Hows Ashley jammin today...
crystal is Crystal is feeling
doug is emotionless
elsa is Elsa  is feeling
eryn is Eryn is feeling
kristy is Kristy is feeling
sarah is Sarah is feeling

from the past

and away

thems tracking -
on Saturday, October 25...
it's funny to look back ~ and remember the blogging craze. remember this community when people posted on it every day. remember when we were possibly even dorkier than we are now, just a different kind of dorkiness.

nostalgia. there's really nothing like it.
...from Arasan, at 2:23:00 AM ~

on Tuesday, January 28...

magnificent bloginess? o_O;

that sounds creepy.

but not right now...
laterz ^^;

...from me, at 9:00:00 AM ~

on Tuesday, January 14...
once upon a time, there was a blog. this blog shone in glory with magnificent blogliness.

unfortunately, look what that blog has become.
...from Arasan, at 2:16:00 PM ~

on Tuesday, November 26...
today the angst seems to be at an all time low today, as only one girl was reported thinking of the miseries of life, and even that was being done silently.
...from ash, at 11:49:00 PM ~

on Monday, November 11...
ah, angst. just when it seems life is lookin' up, the angst-gods sense your incoming happiness and shower you with the thunderstorms of despair.

such is life.

you just have to accept it in good stride (or whatever the saying is) with your best friends "escapism" and "milano cookies." of course, there'r always the instances where other people are involved. in which case you find your mind occupied continually with thoughts of that person, wondering if they're suffering because they think you're suffering, or if they're just suffering. you try to talk to them, but they don't seem to have anything to say. not that you do, either. you just wanna pretend like nothing happened, go back to the Happy Days of Before This Crap, and be happy again. not have to go to sleep lonely, don't have to wake up wanting to cry.

or whatever.
...from Arasan, at 2:28:00 PM ~